Our logistics

From the land to the consumer

The infrastructure at Mister Chippy includes the various handling and packaging installations for fresh foodstuffs, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, loading bays, the distribution fleet, and offices. For products originating from Spain and for imported products, we have our own warehouse in Barcelona, at Mercabarna, one of the most important markets in Europe. The receipt of goods, their storage, and subsequent transport from Barcelona to our warehouse in Ibiza is carried out using our own fleet of refrigerated trailers and our own staff. Control and quality are monitored right from the start.


The importance of conditioning the foodstuffs

The refrigerated warehouses of Mister Chippy have a dual purpose. The first is to receive and condition the foodstuffs while they are processed and/or packaged until they are eventually distributed.

Furthermore, conditioning local and seasonal produce in refrigerated warehouses allows us to keep them for longer while maintaining optimum quality levels with only a negligible loss of their original properties.

At Mister Chippy we make sure that the foodstuffs are in perfect condition before they reach your establishment and your plate.

  • Suppliers' entrance

    Suppliers' entrance

  • Food in perfect condition

    Food in perfect condition


    The art of preparation

    Mister Chippy has various sections dedicated to the processing and packaging of fresh produce, with different processes and characteristics:

    • Pioneers in packaging

      This dynamic was the first packaging line at Mister Chippy. Today it has been completely refurbished and we have the capacity to peel, slice, and package 1,000 kilograms of potato or onion in just one hour.

      Potatoes and onions are peeled mechanically giving optimum results. Potatoes can be sliced in various formats: strips (for frying), dice, slices, whole, chunks, etc.

      The packaging preserves the product perfectly for six days thanks to a preservative bath of natural origin which disappears when cooked.

    • Minimal processing, maximum freshness

      Serving the produce of the land with the minimal amount of processing, fresh and ready to go for each kind of customer and consumer are the aims of the second packaging line set up by Mister Chippy.

      Here the produce – mainly potatoes, onions, and citrus fruit – is harvested directly from the farm, calibrated, and an initial selection by size is carried out. Following this, it is washed and rejects are separated out (produce with defects or in poor condition).

      Lastly, it is weighed and packaged in different presentation formats for sale. At this point the produce goes into a refrigerated warehouse ready for distribution.

    • Your eyes also eat

      Mister Chippy’s emphasis on the visual attractiveness of how its products are presented is expressed on the tray packaging line.

      Here we can place the products at the point of sale with the maximum level of attractiveness and seduction. Your eyes also eat!

      Trays also allow consumers who live alone or in small families to be better and more accurately served.Items placed on the trays are selected by hand, one by one, which ensures not just that they look attractive, but also the impeccable quality of the product. This line is used to present a wide variety of aromatic herbs grown in Ibiza.

    • Produce from the land ready to serve

      The different lines of the Fourth Range that we at Mister Chippy offer constitute a service for collective kitchens (restaurants, hotels, etc.) and supermarkets. Salads ready to serve and fresh sliced fruit and vegetables.

      The processing and packaging of the foodstuffs for the Fourth Range is carried out without breaking the chain of conservation. The products reach our customers fresh, with all their properties, flavour, and texture intact.

      You can find out about the combinations and formats available for salads, vegetables, and fresh fruit at any given time by contacting us.


    More than transport

    At Mister Chippy, foodstuffs are conditioned and transported fresh (not frozen). This conservation chain is maintained from the origin to the consumer or point of sale, preserving all of the original properties of the products.

    All of our vehicles, from light commercials to huge lorries, adjust their temperature to the needs of the product in accordance with the environmental conditions.

    Once they have been packaged, Mister Chippy products are transported in returnable plastic boxes which are washed and disinfected every time they are used. This special service means that customers do not have to dispose of cardboard or wooden packaging, with the corresponding consumption of the said packaging.

    Our commitment to being responsive in the way we receive and dispatch orders is indisputable, given that this is essential in order for our consumers and customers to receive their foodstuffs with maximum freshness.

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    From the field to the table. Since 1986.

    At Mister Chippy we are dedicated to the production, handling, packaging and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables on the island of Ibiza, offering the highest food quality and the best customer service.

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