Our business

From the field to the table

Mister Chippy San Miguel SL is a company dedicated to the production, processing, packaging, and distribution of fresh fruit, vegetables, and garden produce on the island of Ibiza. We market our products under our two brands: Mister Chippy and Sa Feixa. Our logistical capacity also allows us to distribute the products of other brands. Mister Chippy is a highly-specialized business able to distribute rapidly and effectively, thereby safeguarding quality at all stages of the distribution. Our aim is to offer maximum food quality to consumers and the best customer service. We are passionate about being able to put the produce of the land on people’s dining tables. Mister Chippy submits all production processes, from harvesting through to the final product, to annual audits by an external company "Norma Agrícola", which ensures complete transparency in identifying the origin of each product.

Welcome to
the "Pla Roig"


In Sant Miquel since 1986

Mister Chippy was born in the fields, specifically at Pla Roig de Sant Miquel. It was 1986 when Joan and Lisa began marketing the potatoes grown in their kitchen garden, which they peeled and packaged themselves.

Today Mister Chippy markets and distributes all kinds of garden produce and fruit under its two brands, Mister Chippy and Sa Feixa. The latter is only used for the produce of the land, from Ibiza or the Balearic Islands.

During these 30 + years of activity, Mister Chippy has put together a network of top-quality suppliers (both from Ibiza and beyond), it has some 30 Ha of its own farmland in Ibiza, it has acquired and set up various packaging lines for fresh produce, and it has a significant logistical fleet that promptly distributes all products to our customers and to the various points of sale.

Mister Chippy has become the business it is today thanks to a great professional team composed of responsible and dedicated people.

Who we are


Brave and responsible

Nearly 100 people work at Mister Chippy, and they are each responsible for their own task, requiring dedication in order for the business to run smoothly. We have a variety of professional profiles:

• Manager
• Head of quality
• Production managers
• Our own agricultural production
• Food handlers
• PTT and CTC Section
• Washing and packaging of potatoes
• 4th range of potatoes, vegetables, and fruit Section.
• Drivers
• Accountants
• Head of logistics
• Senior administrative staff
• Computer staff
• Head of maintenance
• Head of sales
• Administrative assistants
• Warehouse hands
• Procurement assistants
• Sales assistants

In addition to all the people working for Mister Chippy, our alliances with agricultural producers mean that even more people are directly associated with the company. The result of our working methods is that we are a family with a high sense of responsibility for the quality of the final product.



The key to quality

The relationship between Mister Chippy and its suppliers is very close. It is based on confidence and mutual quality control. Customer satisfaction depends on this relationship, which includes both the freshness of the produce and the excellence of all services provided as part of the distribution chain.

One of our priorities is that all foodstuffs should reach consumers and the points of sale which absolute transparency as to their origin, and this is why we have different registered trademarks. If you are interested in marketing fresh produce under the Mister Chippy and/or Sa Feixa brands, do not hesitate to contacts us.

Working at Mister Chippy


Open to you

At Mister Chippy we are always open to meeting people who are interested in working for us and forming part of our business. If we have any vacancies, on this website you will be able to find job offers for a specific profile.

However, do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in working for us. Even if we do not have any vacancies, we will make a note of your profile for when we may need you.

Certificates under agricultural regulations


Quality guarantee

All Mister Chippy production comes with the quality guarantee certified by Agricultural Regulations. We would not be able to maintain the volume and efficiency of our business unless we ran a careful, responsible, and punctual organization.

This certificate is not a mere statement of intent, but rather it allows us to provide our customers with the best service, promptly and accurately, and to inform consumers with absolute transparency of the origin of each product, to reaffirm our commitment to farmers and to the end consumer.

mister chippy eivissa

From the field to the table. Since 1986.

At Mister Chippy we are dedicated to the production, handling, packaging and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables on the island of Ibiza, offering the highest food quality and the best customer service.

Mister Chippy & Sa Feixa